The layout in DrFront don't correlate with what's being shown on the burned front?

If you suddenly experience differences between what you intended to do in the DrFront editor, and what's being shown on your frontpage, please ask your sysadmins if there are any recent changes to you configuration or setup. It may be that  you lost the correlation between what settings DrFront has been configured with, and your server setup. A given example could be if your site has been set up with HTML5 and DrFront is set up to run in XHTML mode.

A user-case was:

Customer:Imports the article and use 100% width. Adjust the font size on the title so it breaks over 2 lines. When we later adjust the width of the article down to eg 66% then suddenly the line spacing of all the text very much larger than it originally was. Note that it looks good inDrFront, but when the front is burned we see the problem with line spacing visible on the website. See images enclosed:



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