Use the shortcuts!

Shortcuts will save you tons of time. We recommend printing the overview and keep it close to you if you're a newcomer.

Access the shortcuts in DrFront by clicking the documentation icon at the top bar in DrFront. Click chapter 4 or click here to see it.  Here is the complete overview of all DrFront shortcuts:



These shortcuts should be available from everywhere.

ctrl + alt + s save front
ctrl + alt + b save and burn front
ctrl + alt + u undo last action



These shortcuts are available when the mouse is over the row menu.

d remove row
x cut row
c copy row
v paste before row



These shortcuts are available when the mouse is over an article and the article menu is visible.

d remove article
x or m cut article
c copy article
v or p paste article (before)
ctrl + v or ctrl + p paste article (after)
e edit article
n create new article (before)
ctrl + n create new article (after)
o Open article in new window
b toggle break (clearer) on article
1-9 change width
u upload image (or drag an image from your desktop and drop it on an article)
s open image search
i crop image
l position article to the left
r position article to the right


Image Cropping

These shortcuts are available while cropping an image.

h display help dialog
esc cancel cropping and restore original image
enter finish and crop the image
space toggle the image overflow visibility
ctrl activate zooming mode (hold down while dragging mouse)
alt activate rotating mode (hold down while dragging mouse)
arrow keys resize the cropping box 1 pixel
shift + arrow keys resize the cropping one step (10 pixel)
shift + mouse drag preserve aspect ratio when resizing


Import List

These shortcuts are available when the mouse is over an article in the import list.

i or enter import article to clipboard
o open link(s) in article
arrow right show article content
arrow left hide article content
arrow up select the previous article in the list
arrow down select the next article in the list



These shortcuts are available in the editor.

ctrl + right arrow increase font size
ctrl + left arrow decrease font size
ctrl + up arrow increase line height
ctrl + down arrow decrease line height
ctrl + z undo
ctrl + y redo
ctrl + 1 <h1>
ctrl + 2 <h2>
ctrl + 3 <h3>
ctrl + 4 <h4>
ctrl + 5 <h5>
ctrl + 6 <h6>
ctrl + 7 <p>
ctrl + 8 <div>
ctrl + 9 <address>
ctrl + b make text bold
ctrl + i make text italic
ctrl + u make text underline
ctrl + a move cursor to the beginning of the line
ctrl + e move cursor to the end of the line
ctrl + p move cursor up on line
ctrl + n move cursor down one line
ctrl + d delete
ctrl + h backspace
ctrl + f move cursor one character forward
ctrl + k delete rest of the line


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