Lost connection to server

The following message means there are network issues between our servers and where you sit.


If this happens frequently, please do the following tests and send the result to us so that we can help you resolve the issues you are having.

Test 1:

1. Using Chrome; Go to the following page and install the "Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics" :

2. Go to the same page one more time and click on "Launch app".

3. Your network will be diagnosed. Wait until the test finishes.

4. Make the window bigger by dragging the lower right corner until you can see all the tests that got run.

5. Click on any test that isn't green and click "copy result logs" on all the tests that wasn't green.

6. Create a support ticket and send the result to us. 

Test 2, for windows (You have to have admin rights on your PC):

1. Go to

2. Download and unzip the program

3. Open the location where you uncompressed the program

4. Right click on the program and choose "Run as administrator" ("Kjør som administrator", in Norwegian)

5. Copy&past in the "Host" textfield.

6. Click start.

7. Let the test run for 3 min.

8. Choose "Copy Text to clipboard", past it into a text document and save.

9. Send the result to us.

Test 2, for Mac OS X

1. Go to

2. Download and install WhatRoute.

3. Open WhatRoute

4. Copy&past in the "Host" textfield.

5. Choose "Trace" from the dropdown menu beside the "Host" textfield.

6. Click Trace and wait for the test to finish

7. Choose File -> "Save as" and save the result

8. Send the result to us.


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